Message from the President

Thank you for your incredible generosity! This is an especially exciting time at Historic New England, and we are thrilled to have supporters who value our work and the positive impact we are making in local communities and across the region.

As the largest and most comprehensive independent preservation organization in the United States, we have more than a century of pioneering historic preservation experience. With bold ideas and ambitious plans, we are bringing preservation in New England to a new level, telling more inclusive stories and fostering a greater impact on our region’s livability, equity, and sustainability.

Historic New England embraces and celebrates the full and complex history of the region we all know and call home. Scholars in Recovering New England’s Voices continue to delve into our historic collections and properties to discover new stories that give a voice to marginalized and forgotten groups. Their research introduces fresh insights into house tours and programs, offering visitors a more comprehensive and authentic historical narrative.

Through our museums, collections, and innovative programs, we are advocating for preservation, sustainability, and livability in the region’s communities. We continue to tackle vital preservation projects at our thirty-eight historic properties, and we now protect 123 privately owned historic properties through the Preservation Easement program.

This year’s Historic New England Summit gathered more than 600 attendees in person and via livestream to share ideas, collaborate on solutions, and discover new perspectives to strengthen the livability and vitality of our communities. Summit presentations stimulated exciting conversations about living heritage, embodied carbon and adaptive reuse, plans for the Historic New England Center for Preservation and Collections, the future of cities, and much, much more.

Thank you for partnering with us and driving our success. Historic New England is truly grateful for the staff, leadership, donors, volunteers, and friends who propel our work. The future looks amazing!

With deep gratitude,

Vin Cipolla
President and CEO
Historic New England

Hamilton House, South Berwick, Maine