Message from the President

Historic New England is an extraordinary experience. From house museums and landscapes to programs and exhibitions—with all that the organization is and does, it is a venerable presence in the region. As the nation’s oldest and largest regional heritage organization, Historic New England has long used a comprehensive approach to preserving and protecting buildings, conserving land, collecting objects, and telling the stories of the region’s inhabitants. The New England region is a big picture, and Historic New England is a principal voice in depicting it.

As history shows us, New England is nothing if not resilient. Organizations such as ours contribute immeasurably to the adaptability, strength, and innovative spirit that characterize the region. Historic New England’s mission and vision now have a widened scope that places importance on the necessities and amenities that ensure equitable livability throughout the region, and the exciting and powerful role historic preservation can play. It is incumbent upon our organization to recognize and address the issues compromising both cultural and environmental resilience, many of which are rooted in history. Historic New England embraces the thought leadership role it must take.

We devoted much of fiscal year 2021 to drafting The New England Plan, our five-year strategic agenda. This document charts new directions for engagement and advocacy in which Historic New England’s influence is crucial. Launched this year on April 1, the start of our fiscal year 2022, The New England Plan consists of a slate of overarching strategic guidelines along with five core initiatives. The initiatives encompass a vast range of dynamic work areas that will evolve as Historic New England strategically advances this plan of action.

We are thinking in bigger and bolder ways to make enterprising and progressive moves in all that we do and recognizing existing opportunities and creating new ones. We are reinterpreting our historic site presentations to situate the properties and their occupants in contexts that reflect the tenor of the times of the stories we tell; in some instances we will redress the absence of vital historical actors. We are engaging in partnerships and joint ventures that deliver novel and creative audience experiences in many interest areas including history, education, culture, the arts, and entertainment. Our role as preservation advocates and activists ensures that the historic fabric in all communities is maintained and supports the growth of practitioners in the field. All of our work is designed to give our regional presence a greater influence that extends into the national and international spheres.

Historic New England has committed to this new phase with enthusiasm for the knowledge we will acquire and share. We are able to do so because of all who support it, believe in the work, and take pride in its accomplishments—staff, leadership, and in particular, our donors, volunteers, and friends. Your support makes what we do possible. We are immensely grateful for the many ways in which you continue to contribute to Historic New England.


Vin Cipolla
President and CEO