Mr. David A. Barker and Ms. Carole A. Barker
Mr. Robert R. Bent and Ms. Jacqueline A. Hughes
Derin Bray
John Laurence Busch
Thomas Chase
Dexter Cheney
Ms. Nancy Curtis
Ms. Anne R. Cuvelier
Anne Deneill
Stephanie Desisto
Mr. Samuel H. Duncan and Mrs. Nancy Jane Duncan
Ms. Margaret Burke and Mr. Dennis Fiori
Peter Forbes
Linda and Jim Goodwin
Craig Green
Steve Kersten
Ms. Kathy Kottaridis
Mr. and Mrs. Newton H. Levee
Ronald T. Lyman
Peter S. Lynch
Jane Martin
Teresa and Dave Martland
Mr. Peter J. Michaud
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Michelson
Rebecca Mitchell
Bequest of the Estate of Christopher P. Monkhouse
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert I. Owens
Ms. Christine W. Parks
Mr. James V. Righter
Ms. Nancy M. Rose
John Rugh
Mr. Warren Sampson and Ms. Jan Williams
Ms. Joellen Secondo
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison
Mr. Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Ms. Julie A. Solz
Mr. Andrew Spindler-Roesle and Mr. Hiram Butler
Mr. Kenneth C. Turino
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald W. R. Ward
Ms. Susan Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Wills
John D. Woolf

* Deceased