We are honored to share the names on the following pages recognizing those who, through their generous and thoughtful gifts, have strengthened Historic New England this past fiscal year.  To each of them, we extend our most sincere appreciation.  In addition, we would like to thank those who supported us at every level, including 7,649 members.


U.S. Small Business Administration

$250,000 – $999,999

Mr. Edward F. Gerber
The Estate of Mr. Joseph Peter Spang III
The Susan Minot Woody Trust

$100,000 – $249,999

Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall
Diane Gipson
Mass Cultural Council
The Estate of Mr. Christopher Monkhouse
The Nancy Foss Heath and Richard B. Heath Educational, Cultural and Environmental Foundation

$50,000 – $99,999

Anonymous (2)
City of Boston Community Preservation Committee
Mr. Henry B. Hoover, Jr.
Barbara and Amos Hostetter
Ms. Abigail P. Johnson
Mr. Edward C. Johnson IV
Ms. Elizabeth L. Johnson
Dr. Janina A. Longtine
Teresa and Dave Martland
Massachusetts Historical Commission
Mrs. Christine Tucker McCartney
Ogden Codman Trust
Mr.* and Mrs. Robert I. Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Tooke

$25,000 – $49,999

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Albright, Jr.
Ms. Deborah L. Allinson
Mr. James C. Burrey
The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
David and Victoria Croll
Tim Hilton and Sara Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hunnewell, Jr.
Sidney and Geoffrey Kenyon
Susan and Henry Livingston
Gregory D. Lombardi
Peter S. Lynch
Carl J. Martignetti
Holt and Sandra Massey
Kimberly and John McDowell
Karen and Warren McFarlan
Ms. Karla Ariel Pearlstein
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Pell
Robert A. Pemberton and Barbara R. Jordan
Nancy and James Schibanoff 
Mr. Alan Wong and Ms. Wendy Wong

$10,000 – $24,999

Mr. Jacob D. Albert
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Alfond
The Barnes Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey P. Beale
Ms. Anne C. Bromer
Sam and Tracey Byrne
Ann Clarkeson
Lavinia D. Clay
Cromwell Harbor Foundation
Howard and Wendy Cox
Stephanie Danhakl
Mr. David L. Feigenbaum and Ms. Maureen Meister
Mr. George F. Fiske, Jr.
Fox Hill Farm
Dr. Thomas A. J. Frank and Ms. Alexandra Hastings
Friends from Nahant
Gordon J. Hammersley Foundation
Alice and Thom Gould
Graham and Ann Gund
Eric and Dorothy Hayes
Institute of Museum and Library Services
Holly and Bruce Johnstone
Mr. Stephen Kaloyanides, Jr.
Lisbeth Tarlow and Stephen Kay
Loring, Wolcott & Coolidge
Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism
New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward P. Owens
Caren and Randy Parker
Ms. Julie A. Porter
Mr. James V. Righter
Margaret and John Ruttenberg
Saquish Foundation
Mr. Robert L. Simonds and Ms. Angie Simonds
Skinner, Inc.
Arthur D. Clarke and Susan Sloan
Ms. Jennifer Spaur
Susan Little Private Charitable Foundation
The Lynch Foundation
Lisa and Rex Thors
Dr. Edward G. Tiedemann, Jr.
Winfield Foundation
Chip and Margaret Ziering

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)
The 1772 Foundation, Inc.
The 1772 Foundation and Preserve Rhode Island
Ann M. Beha and Robert A. Radloff
Deborah Hill Bornheimer
Maureen and Edward Bousa
Mr. Vin Cipolla and Ms. Celine McDonald
Clara B. Winthrop Charitable Trust
Martha Fuller Clark and Geoffrey E. Clark
Cleary Insurance, Inc.
Ms. Abby Coffin and Mr. Peter Coffin
Mr. Jon-Paul Couture
Ms. Janet Dinan and Mr. Peter Dinan
Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund
The Fabulous Find
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Fitzgerald
Dr. Christopher D. M. Fletcher
Mr. and Mrs. Martin D. Hale
John F. Haley, Jr. and Anne Rogers Haley
Mr. Stephen W. Harby and Mr. Kritsada Buajud
Elisabeth Williams Ireland
Ms. Nancy Lukitsh
Dr. and Mrs. Keith N. Morgan
Ms. Heidi O’Neill
Mrs. James Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Perry
Plimpton Shattuck Fund
Rhode Island Department of Education
Rhode Island Foundation
David and Susan Rockefeller
Mr. Andrew F. Saxe and Mr. Dean Vollick
Mrs. Marcy Scott-Morton and Mr. Michael Scott-Morton
Ross and Kathleen Sherbrooke
Stephen H. and Virginia S. White

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (3)
James G. Alexander
Alma Gibbs Donchian Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. George Ballantyne
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Barnard
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bembenek
Mr. Jeffrey L. Bernier
Dr. and Mrs. Desmond Birkett
Willa and Taylor Bodman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Brickley, Jr.
Ms. E. Greer Candler
Mr. Harold J. Carroll
Catalano Architects & Catalano Design
Richard and Betsy Cheek
City of Waltham Community Preservation Committee
Connecticut Humanities
Mr. John D. Corey and Mr. Miguel Rosales
Mary E. Darmstaetter
Hornor Davis and William Hague
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah E. de Rham
Elizabeth and Nicholas Deane
Leigh and George Denny
Timothy W. Diggins
Fiduciary Trust
Mr. Edward C. Fleck and Ms. Eileen M. McCormack
Mary Foss-Skiftesvik
Mr. William F. Gemmill and Ms. Sally Gemmill
GiveGab Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Garth H. Greimann
Chris Harte
Pam and Will Harte
Bill and Kathi Heater
Ms. Donna Hochberg
Tim and Linda Holiner
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Jeffries
George and Susan Kalmakis
Mr. Peter Kapinos
Mr. Christopher Karpinsky
Mr. Jonathan M. Keyes
Lydia F. Kimball
Mr. David S. Kirk
Mr. and Mrs. Keith L. Knowlton
Mrs. Joyce Linde
Massachusetts Society of the Cincinnati
Mr. Stephen J. McCarthy
National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
Marie and Richard Oedel
Michelle and Aaron Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Mark V. Rickabaugh
Mrs. Louise C. Riemer
Ms. Ailene M. Robinson and Mr. Thomas E. Lewis
Malcolm P. and Susan A. Rogers
David W. Scudder
Mr. John W. Sofia
Mr. Andrew Spindler-Roesle and Mr. Hiram Butler
Mrs. Frederick A. Stahl
Dr. Taylor Stoermer and Emily Stoermer
E. Clothier Tepper
Tom and Mary Fran Townsend
Vermont Community Foundation
Julia Harte Widdowson
Stephen G. Woodsum and Anne R. Lovett
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yozell

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (4)
Ms. Leslie S. Adam and Mr. Alastair Adam
Ames True Value Hardware and Supply
Mr. John Appleton
Ms. Katherine L. Babson, Jr.
Mardges Bacon and Charles B. Wood
Mr. Francois L. Bardonnet and Dr. Steven L. St. Peter
Ms. Enid L. Beal
Dr. and Mrs. Reinier Beeuwkes III
Ms. Lucinda A. Brockway and Mr. Wayne Brockway
James C. Buttrick
Deborah W. Callard
Cambridge Historical Commission
Jane Carr
Mr. Gerald L. Celano and Ms. Kelly A. Marshall
Mr. John D. Childs
CHT Foundation
Mrs. John W. Churchill
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Claflin II
Mr. William H. Claflin and Ms. Cathy Claflin
Meredith and Eugene Clapp
Mrs. I. W. Colburn
Lorna Condon
Connecticut Department of Education and Community Development
Ms. Mary L. Cornille Prudence and William Crozier
Dr. Francis de Marneffe*
Deb DeColfmacker – Edward Jones
Azi Djazani
Ms. Diane P. Doyle
East Cambridge Savings Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Edwards
Mr. Jon H. Edwards and Ms. Nancy Fox
Ms. Norma Elkind
Elsie A. Brown Fund, Inc.
The Felicia Fund, Inc.
Eleanor Earle Ferguson and James Gates Ferguson
Maggie Fisher
Ms. Elaine W. Fiske and Mr. Philip Ladd
Kate Sides Flather
Mrs. Pamela W. Fox
James and Donna-Belle Garvin
Mrs. Jean Gibran
Mr. Peter A. Gittleman
Mr. A. Curtis Greer II
Karen and Werner Gundersheimer
Mr. James Hagedorn and Mrs. Karli Hagedorn
Ms. Martha D. Hamilton
Mrs. Leslie Waldorf Hammond
Kenneth D. Roberts and Elizabeth T. Harbison
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Hare
Mrs. Cyrus I. Harvey
Mr. Peter F. Hickey
Lucile and Bill Hicks
Mr. Roland Hoch and Mrs. Sarah Garland-Hoch
Mrs. Judy Hood
The Hope Foundation
Independent Schools Compensation Co. 
Leigh Keno
Jennifer Kent
Ms. Anne F. Kilguss
Ms. Susan S. Kinsey
Lawrence Law Firm
Natalie and Brad Lebeau
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Lee
Henry Lee
Barbara and Earl Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. George Lewis
Sarah C. Libbey
Mr. David Loring
Mr. Jonathan B. Loring
Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Lubin
Gail and Michael Lynch
Peter Madsen and Tim Linehan
Kenneth and Nancy Martin
Mass Humanities
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McAleer
William L. McQueen and Carla O. A. Bosch
Merrimack Design Associates
Mrs. Martha O. Milot
Milton Cultural Council
Maggie and Bill Moran
William and Jane Mosakowski
Dr. Alice D. Murphy
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
National Life Group Foundation
Sarah Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. O’Donnell
Janet and David Offensend
Ms. Elizabeth Seward Padjen and Mr. Thaddeus Gillespie
Dr. Roger Pasinski and Dr. Marie Pasinski
Mrs. Walter W. Patten, Jr.
Clark Pearce and Robert D. Mussey, Jr.
Dr. Paul C. Peters, Jr. and Deette Peters
John and Dorothy Remondi
Rhode Island Council for the Humanities
Malcolm Rogers and Andrew Dakin
Michael and Karen Rotenberg
Bill and Kathleen Rousseau
Ms. Christine Salas and Mr. Pito Salas
William Schulz and Beth Graham
Nathaniel Sheidley
Dr. Sylvia Q. Simmons
Ron and Mary Skates
Jon Skillman and Luanne Selk
Ms. Julie A. Solz
Jonah Spector
Samantha A. Spencer and Eric Wu
Chris Strand
Ruth Kennedy Sudduth
Mr. Charles M. Sullivan and Ms. Susan E. Maycock
Ms. Anne G. Symchych
Elizabeth Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Torrey
Vera M. Trojan and Mark P. Carthy
United Way of Rhode Island
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Rosamond B. Vaule
Vermont Humanities Council
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Viera
Matthias Waschek
Mary and Ted Wendell
Georgina Winthrop and Robert Stevenson
Sara Wragge

$500 – $999

Anonymous (2)
Louise Todd Ambler
Joseph Audette
Mrs. Hope Lincoln Baker
Mr. W. Lewis Barlow IV and Ms. Connie B. Barlow
Ms. Karen E. Bartholomew
Sarah and Greg Bates
John and Heidi Baxter
Mr. John E. Beard
David Beck and Gregory Van Boven
Mr. Brian C. Bigler and Mr. Ted J. Raia
Ms. Jacqueline D. Blombach and Mr. Michael A. Duca
Deborah I. Bolling
Ms. Colleen A. Braim
Ms. Nancy Viano Brown
Ms. Rachel Burgess
Ms. Susan D. Byrne
Ms. Betsy Cabot
Mr. Jay E. Cantor
Mr. and Mrs. Gib Carey
Nancy Carlisle
Mr. and Mrs. John Cederholm
Ms. Mary F. Channing
Charles B. Sweatt Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew F. Coldren
Mr. Gregory L. Colling
Ms. Beverly B. Collins and Ms. Kirsten L. Collins
Mr. Michael Connery and Mr. Eugene Marley III
Mary and James Nicoll Cooper
Thomas Coyle
Patricia J. Crow
Mr. Warren C. Curtis and Mr. Mark Steinbach
Ms. Frederica Matera Cushman
Rebecca and John Cutting
Michael Daly and Alex Arauz
Dead River Company
Ms. Carissa Demore
Mr. Curt G. DiCamillo
Ms. Catherine Dignam and Mr. James Sabino
Suzanne Christensen and Michael F. Dunn
Elisabeth Dupuy
David Dwiggins
Robert Peabody Emlen
Jeff Epstein
Luise M. Erdmann
Richard C. Eustice and Roy Mattson
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic A. Eustis II
Ms. Marlene Evernden
First National Bank
Vicky and Larry Ford
Mr. John V. Frank
Mr. Jameson French and Ms. Priscilla French
Ms. Diane R. Garfield and Dr. Peter L. Gross, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter R. Gates
Joseph D. Geller
Ms. Diane Gilbert
Ms. Dorothy Gilman and Mr. Steven Gilman
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gleysteen
Thomas Godbout and Constance Preston-Godbout
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Goedecke
Mr. Peter J. Gordon and Ms. Karen Hayes
Brad Graham and Michelle Byers
Robert and Arlene Gray
Mr. Daniel S. Gregory and Ms. Mary C. Gregory
Ms. Wendy Gus
Mr. Benjamin K. Haavik
Mr. Joe Hamilton and Ms. Luisa Hamilton
Ryan Hanley and Katherine Hanley
William Hart and Constance Eaton
Mr. Richard C. Heath and Ms. Martha L. Heath
Jane Hennedy and Peter Gulaiev
Mr. and Mrs. Shepherd M. Holcombe, Jr.
Ms. Abigail B. Homer
Hometown Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Horan
Mr. Barry Horwitz and Mrs. Elizabeth Horwitz
Ms. Amy Hunter Maguire and Mr. Steve Maguire
Mrs. Elizabeth I-V Hunter
James and Lucy Hutchinson
Ms. Candace Jans
Susan and Peter Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Wade Judge
Mr. Martin Karplus and Ms. Marci Karplus
Mr. and Mrs. Christian G. Kasper
Krista Katsapetses
Mr. Kevin Kearney and Dr. Sarah K. Scott
Mr. Mark R. Kiefer
Allen B. Kolkowitz
Nancy R. Kolligian
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce G. Kosa
Heather Larkin
Paula Laverty
Kate Lear
Leers Weinzapfel Associates Architects, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Newton H. Levee
Lincoln Cultural Council
Dr. Frederic F. Little and Dr. Claudia L. Ordonez
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Lowell III
Ms. Maija M. Lutz and Mr. Peter A. Tassia III
McP. Charitable Foundation Inc
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Marble, Jr.
Ms. Kory Marrero
Ms. Sara Mattes and Mr. Jerry Ritz
Ms. Andrea Matthews
Mr. Frank Mauran
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McCambridge
Ms. Heather McClure
Mr. Peter J. Michaud
Chas A. Miller III and Birch Coffey
Milton Junior Woman’s Club
Mr. Henry Moss
Mr. Alan Murray
Ms. Laurie L. Musgrove
New Hampshire Land and Community Heritage Investment Program
Mr. Mark Kimball Nichols and Mr. Lowell Reid Massey
Steven Nichols
Ms. Mary B. Noble
Mr. Carl R. Nold and Ms. Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Margaret and Richard Novak
Ms. Sally Nutt
Mrs. Carolyn M. Osteen and Dr. Robert Osteen
Kate and Kieran Parsons
Ms. Catherine L. Pepe
Daniel Pierce, Jr. Family
Robert Porter
Ms. Carol Quimby-Bonan
Ms. Marilyn Rackley and Mr. Michael Shively
Rita and Norton Reamer
Patrick Reed
Ms. Patricia P. Reeser
Robert B. Rettig
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rice
Mrs. Edward P. Richardson, Jr.
Mr. Robert G. Ripley Jr
Rita J. and Stanley H. Kaplan Family Foundation, Inc.
Dustin Robinson and Joel Lara
Daniel Scanlan and Daniel Richards
Gretchen and John Schuler
Mr. Stephen P. Schultz
Mr. Paul H. Serenbetz
Robert N. Shapiro
Dan and Jody Sherman
Helen F. Sides, Architect LLC
Ellen C. L. Simmons
Marilois Snowman
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore E. Stebbins, Jr.
Drs. Randall and Laura Stevens
Mr. Campbell Steward
Ms. Susan E. Stockton
Thomas A. Stone and Valerie M. Warrior
Mrs. Virginia E. Sweatt
The Stebbins Fund, Inc.
Mr. Grenny Thoron
Nancy Torti
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley S. Trotman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Van Amsterdam
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford B. Wakeman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Weld
John and Nancy Whiton
Jane and Bert Williams
Mr. Clifton D. Zwirner

* Deceased