Gifts in Honor of

In honor of Charlotte Barrett
Ann Cousins

In honor of Nancy Carlisle
Nancy Witherell

In honor of Vin Cipolla
Barbara and Tom Hollister
David and Susan Rockefeller

In honor of Lorna Condon
E. Clothier Tepper

In honor of Ed Gerber
Frances DeToro

In honor of Peter Gittleman
Ms. Julia Gittleman and Mr. Tom Mendelsohn

In honor of Amy Griffin
Jackie Killian

In honor of Martha L. Heath
Mr. Richard C. Heath

In honor of Richard C. Heath
Ms. Martha L. Heath

In honor of Janet L. Hookailo
Rosalind Walter

In honor of Bruce and Holly Johnstone
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel B. Spiro

In honor of Lydia F. Kimball
Mrs. Donna Eacho

In honor of the John Lougee Family
Ellen C. L. Simmons

In honor of Michael Maler
Patricia Randall

In honor of Laurie Masciandaro
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Swanson

In honor of Sandra and Holt Massey
Mr. Stephen J. McCarthy

In honor of Andrew Bowen Stocker
Karen and Warren McFarlan

In honor of Gail White Usher
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Swanson

Gifts in Memory Of

In memory of Marion Thorp Little Barrow
Ms. Caroline Barrow

In memory of Peter Benes
Mr. Harry Breger

In memory of Thomas Greene Casey
Alexandra and Cecily Reynolds

In memory of Virginia Collie
Hugh A. Collie
Mr. Michael M. Collie

In memory of Harvey Kahn
Kenneth and Nancy Martin

In memory of Harry Keenan
Norine J. Keenan

In memory of Marian McCann
Michael C. McCann

In memory of George McNamara
Mr. Patrick McNamara

In memory of Christopher Monkhouse
Lorna Condon

In memory of Carl F. Nold
Marsha and Steve Gerdes
Stuart Grigg and Josheph Katulic
Ms. Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Mr. Carl R. Nold

In memory of Bob Owens
Mr. and Mrs. Carswell R. Berlin

In memory of Henry Sweatt
Mrs. Virginia E. Sweatt