The Otis Society honors individuals who have provided for Historic New England through their wills, life income arrangements, and other long-term provisions. Named for Sally Foster Otis and Harrison Gray Otis, whose 1796 home has been a Historic New England museum since 1916, this important group reflects the extraordinary impact of planned giving on the future of Historic New England.

Anonymous (8)
Elliott M. Abbott
Diana Abrashkin
Mr. Peter W. Ambler and Ms. Lindsay M. Miller
Dr. Barbara A. Beall
Mary Ellen Beveridge
Mr. Ralph C. Bloom
James C. Buttrick
J. Scott and Valerie McKay Chaloud
Richard and Betsy* Cheek
Mr. John D. Corey and Mr. Miguel Rosales
Stuart A. Drake
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dutzy
Mr. David T. Edsall
Mr. Nicholas C. Edsall
Dr. Donald Ehresmann
Mrs. Marjorie A. Falvey
Roseann Ferrini
Mr. William B. Finch and Ms. Carol Rose
Dr. and Mrs. Oscar Fitzgerald
Mr. William F. Gemmill and Ms. Sally Gemmill
Mr. Edward F. Gerber
Ms. Janet Green
Annabella Gualdoni and Vito Cavallo
Mr. Jeffrey M. Hall
Mr. Philip A. Hayden
Mr. Henry B. Hoover, Jr.
Mr. Ralph Johnston
Mr. Christopher Keppelman
Mrs. Mary S. Kingsbery
Catherine Coolidge Lastavica
Ms. Ginny Leslie
Stephen J. and Cecilia G. Ludwig
Mrs. Shirley M. Marston
Mr. John Matzke
Mr. Paul F. McDonough, Jr. and Ms. Carla A. Blakley
Karen and Warren McFarlan
William L. McQueen and Carla O. A. Bosch
Mr. Alan Murray
Ms. Beverly P. Mutrie
Mr. John A. Neale and Dr. Stephen L. Boswell
Ms. Judith A. Neiswander and Mr. Christopher Kelly
Carl R. Nold and Vicky L. Kruckeberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Nylander
Nancy Osgood
Mr. Stephen P. Parson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. Pell
Mr. Brian R. Pfeiffer
Deborah S. Reed
Robert B. Rettig
Mr. James V. Righter
Wendy Robbins*
Mr. David N. Rooney*
Andy Rubinson and Robert Davison
Mr. and Mrs. Roger T. Servison
Mr. Earle G. Shettleworth, Jr.
Susan P. Sloan
Halcyon Springer*
Mrs. Frederick A. Stahl
Dennis E. Stark and Robert F. Amarantes
Thomas A. Stone and Valerie M. Warrior
Ruth Kennedy Sudduth
Ms. Denise C. Sullivan
Ms. Bette Task
E. Clothier Tepper
Bryant F. Tolles, Jr.
Nancy Briggs Tooke
Mr. George E. Triantaris and Mr. Steve Nigzus
Mrs. Anne M. Twichell
Mr. Kemble Widmer, II and Ms. Elisabeth Garrett Widmer
Mrs. Priscilla Hutt Williams
Mr. Roger D. Willmott
Ms. Susan F. Witzell
Mr. J. Melvin Woody

* Deceased